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SIP Supply’s Greenix Panel survives 4lb detonation of the military explosive C4 while being tested for the new Quantico, Virginia modular training houses.

Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panel withstands C4 Explosive Blast

SIP Supply, LLC was selected to supply modular training houses when field testing showed that Greenix™ structural polyurethane insulated panels could withstand a four pound C4 explosive charge.

C-4 is often used in demolition charges primarily in breaching obstacles or demolition of large structures where large charges are required. The test was conducted at a training facility in Quantico, Virginia and the Greenix SIP remained intact with only partial damage, and the panel was not breached.

SIP Supply was given the task of producing a panel for its client that would be used in military-style training exercises. They were looking for a product that could hold up under extreme conditions such as explosive blasts and a barrage of bullets. Greenix Panels were selected due to the ease of assembly and nature of the SIP’s structural integrity, yet the results were still unanticipated.

“Frankly, we were very surprised at the results. We know that our ICC-equivalent testing showed impressive results for high wind loads, fire, foam adhesion and above-average roof loads compared to most SIPs in the industry, but we had no idea our Greenix Panels could endure this type of abuse,” remarks Darrell Simpson, President of SIP Supply. “The results we’ve seen from these tests have opened more than a few doors for us within the military and government sectors.” .

The Greenix™ Panel

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Selecting Greenix™ Panels by SIP Supply as your alternative framing and insulation solution for your building project brings several benefits, such as building simplicity, quality, speed of assembly, and reduced maintenance. Look for these quality differences such as Polyurethane Core, Multiple "Skin" Options, Superior Strength.